Commintent in delivery time

1. Project management. Track work with project management tools.

2. Standardized procedures. Standardized and documented execution procedures.

3. Automated tools. Automated calculation formats and memories for the preparation of reports and studies.

Realibility in the service

1. Experience of more than 25 in the market. Proven experience in analysis and protection of industrial electrical systems and related field services.

2. Customer satisfaction. Proven and manifest satisfaction of our customers (Temium, GE, ABB, Air Liquide).

3. Premium tools. Premium tools for the analysis and protection of industrial systems and world-class test equipment for field services.

Warranty and compliance with international standards

1. Guaranteed work. Zero guarantees applied in electrical studies in the last 4 years.

2. Compliance with national and international standards. Regulatory compliance and IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, as well as national standards NOM-001 and Network Code 2.0

3. Curriculum — electrical studies for projects:
a) Hot rolling (Pesqueria, NL).
b) Expansion of the Pena Coloradal Mine (Colima).
c) Panama City Subway.

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