About us

We are a company created in 2012, with the aim of offering solutions through our electrical protection services for industrial systems and solar and wind power generation plants, with a focus on the safety of people, the protection of equipment electrical power and continuity of operation.

Our name “Radthink” was created from the union of two words “Radical” and “Thinking“.

In Radthink we always seek to generate the win-win philosophy with all our internal, external customers and suppliers.

Our Slogan

“Committed to the safety of people and the protection of equipment.”


To be one of the three most recognized companies of protection engineering services within the mexican industry for our experience, technical capacity and reliability.


Develop electrical protection services, based on compliance with national and international design and safety regulations and standards.

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Our values


We are passionate about our constant individual and collective development, we increase our knowledge and skills with the support of professionals, but also, we share knowledge among ourselves, the team, because it is thanks to this that we can create greater value and share it with our Clients.


All members of the team are honest, we say no to corruption, no to lies that do not contribute to the solution of situations and we give a yes to the truth, which even if it has consequences, we assume with our heads up giving solutions.


When we are in a conflict situation between doing the right thing and deciding to save something (effort, money, time, etc.) additional on our part, we will always decide to do the right thing.


We are punctual in everything we do, in the delivery of our projects, both internal and external, when we meet, when complying with our agreements with the team, with payments; punctuality is the pure reflection of personal respect and above all of the other.


When making decisions, we think of ourselves, but we also think of the other, collectively, because the life of our team depends on knowing that we can support each other from a sensitive perspective, no matter how complicated or simple a situation is, always together We go on.