Industrial Systems

Short Circuit, ANSI and IEC standards

Defines or verifies the capabilities of electrical distribution switchgears, switchboards and other equipment to withstand short-circuit failures without suffering loss of continuity in service due to catastrophic damage and/or repairs. Short circuit studies can be developed in ANSI or IEC standards according to requirements.

Protective Relay Coordination, IEEE-242 standard

It defines the behavior of the electrical protection system to:
  1. Allow the start-up and full load operation of protected elements.
  2. Disconnect in the “minimum” possible time a circuit or element that has developed a short circuit fault and prevent the fault from spreading to other elements and with the least impact on the continuity of the operation of the electrical system.

Arc Flash, IEEE-1584 and NFPA-70E standards

This study determines the level of risk of burns due to an electric arc fault that a skilled worker who will carry out work within an electrical panel or equipment that is energized, as well as the specification of the Personal Protective Equipment that must be used to control the risk . The results obtained are placed on security labels that “stick” on the electrical distribution boards. This study and the sticking of security labels on the boards is required by industrial safety programs.

Other protection studies

Calculation of protection settings:

  • Medium voltage motors.
  • Transformer differential protection.
  • Bus differential protection.
Motores eléctricos

Arc Flash labels

We have graphic design tools to develop arc flash labels with formats tailored to the user.
Estudios eléctricos

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