Engineering services

Protective relays

  • Configuration and commissioning tests: in this service, protection settings are configured according to the electrical protection studies and the operation curves of the protection relays are tested.
  • Maintenance tests: using a protection relay tester, the configured settings and operation of the trip contacts of the protection relays are verified. This maintenance service is recommended once a year.
  • Upgrade with SEL relays: in this service, protection schemes with obsolete relays are replaced by current digital relays.
Protección eléctrica

On-line diagrams update

Updating of one-line diagrams for development of Electrical Studies and Grid Code Compliance.

It includes:
  • Information gathering in the field.
  • Generation of databases and drawing in ETAP analysis software.
  • Drawing in Autocad.

Electrical safety training (NFPA-70E)

Electrical Safety Training NFPA-70E (Arc Flash). The mechanisms for the development of failures with arc flash, , calculation incident energy and the interpretation of safety labels are explained to determine the PPE required for work on the equipment.