Grid Code Measurement Systems

  • Permanent monitoring and evaluation solution of electrical variables for compliance with the mexican´s Grid Code.
  • The solution is made up of a hardware, software and consulting services (compliance and remediation) part described below.
Continuous monitoring tool to detect anomalies outside the limits established by regulations on network´s power quality.
  • Supply and installation of class A measuring equipment according to CRE regulations.
  • Supply and installation of communication equipment to CENACE (optional).
  • Initial work plan for each load center after the installation of the measurement equipment and analysis of the current situation of the same.
  • This plan includes the study of network quality parameters and the protective relays coordination studies.
  • Action plans are also included to proceed in the event of non-compliance with the regulations.

Monthly reports report in order to avoid sanctions for inappropriate behavior outside the limits defined by the CRE.

Measurement system architecture

The system allows to remotely verify the degree of compliance with the Grid Code, through continuous supervision of the electrical parameters
at the connection point with the utility (CFE).

Sistema de evaluación de código de red

System functionalities

The solution includes multiple functionalities to meet the requirements and other additional ones that mark a differential value through centralized multisite and multitenant control.
Graphical dashboards of the different monitored parameters.
Gestion de alarmas
The configuration of notices in the event of irregularities helps the client to comply with the Grid Code.
Representation of events in the ITIC curve, displaying typical and anomalous ones.
Historical consultation and storage including data download.
Continuous and real-time monitoring.

Multiple value-added functionalities



Unified storage of data and customized reports in a single repository, with instant access from the platform.


We enabled the possibility of planning and automating some functions to reduce user intervention.


The platform advances towards the energy models of the future such as Energy Efficiency, Demand Response and Self-consumption Management, Electric Vehicles and Distributed Markets.


We comply with high security standards that protect our clients' information, guaranteeing their peace of mind.

Web Portal

We provide an access path so that users can carry out a complete management of their measurement data.

Compliance Plan

An initial action plan is defined as a result after conducting a study of the network power quality and power factor parameters.


  • Network power quality analysis according to
    legal references.
  • Short circuit studies.
  • Electrical protection studies.

Work Plan

  • An action plan is defined before
    breach of network code that
    will be presented to the CRE as
    recommendation of good practices.


Plan de trabajo

  • Análisis calidad de red según las referencias legales.
  • Conocer los valores de potencia y corriente de corto circuito (CC) para revisar las capacidades interruptoras de los equipos de desconexión y en caso necesario especificar los equipos adecuados.
  • Tras realizar la medición se determina, si los parámetros de calidad de energía son aceptables según la normatividad vigente.
Plan de trabajo
  • Se define un plan de acción ante incumplimiento del código de red que será presentado ante la CRE como recomendación de buenas prácticas.


A consulting service specialized in compliance with the Grid Code is proposed to detect possible anomalies that violate the norm and give rise to sanctions by the CRE.
Reporte código de red

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